Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dog Unleashed Again

The Ikea hot dog is finally available again after so many months of disappearance. I wonder why.

They probably ran out of pickle relish because someone overlooked the inventory and therefore, needed some time to ferment a new batch.


The thing I like most about this self service meal package is the pickle relish. And I get to put as much minced pickle and onions, mustard and ketchup to my dawg., The rest of the edible canine are standard issue. They should probably increase the size of that long thing between the buns, make it thicker and tastier.  Maybe put some black pepper or cheese in it.

The buns could also use some up-sizing; make it a little tougher.  It's too thin, soft and flimsy to hold the dog and the condiments.  It also gets soggy with the juice from the relish, mustard and the occasional chili sauce.  That's one of the reason I skip the chili. It doesn't really give the extra kick, just more sweetness which already comes with the pickle relish.  I'd really appreciate some dried chili sprinkles though. That would be nice.

On second thought, that would also mean a higher price. Two bucks is a reasonable price for this light snack. Add  to that refills after refills of free coffee or soda and I'll go woof! And from the looks of my mustard stained shirt, people would think that a dog ran into me. 

Down mustard! Good boy.


  1. Relish, mustard and a bouncy sausage on a soft warm bun. Together with a dish of meatballs from upstairs..... Simply Heavenly! ^_^

  2. He he he, time to raid IKEA kitchen again.....I am on my way!

  3. Omg, the mustard and onion looks delicious^^

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