Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Las Vegan @ Salad Bar

I finally satisfied my curiosity over this new joint called 'the salad bar' located just a few doors (and levels) down my office.

Having made to 'sapu' my coleague's yong tau fu at the pantry, I lost my lunch direction; I suddenly have no idea as to what I'd have for lunch.  Can't blame her though. She forgot that she's a very small eater and took more than she could chew.

Now I'm a person who needs to complete my daily routine, including lunch.  Since it was already late afternoon, I thought I drop by somewhere near and have something light.  And there's no nearer place than this new cafe called 'the salad bar' which serves no lighter meal than salads.  I've been meaning to check it out for a while now since I walk by it almost everyday.

At first glance, the exterior doesn't really look inviting.  The blinding sunlight, the glare and reflection from the glass window doesn't help during afternoon lunch time.  Luckily the only banner standing outside the shop shows sufficient variety, enough to entice even the non health conscious to pay more atention. Myself by the way, am on the border.

"Step inside! There's something for everyone" says the outlook.

I did.  The atmosphere instantly changed form a blinding hazy glare to a crisp, clean and calm setting.  Maybe I came in late, and there was just one diner. Nevertheless, it was serene.  The same concept they have for their website,

I don't know much about salads so I chose the old granny caesar.

My fresh brewed coffee came in a big mug; note to self: I should have ordered fresh fruit juice instead.  Besides, coffee isn't exaclty the pairing for a healthy meal like salad.  And at a joint like this, it's totally my bad.

My old granny came in a big plate.  I like the italian dressing, mild but flavorful.  The toast, really good! If only they come in the form of croutons.  Easier to distribute with every spoonful of fresh cut greens.  And the sliced olives gives the salad that savory depth.  And while the sliced chicken pieces complement one's carnivorous desires, it was rather dry to be appreciated.  Or maybe that's just caesar.  The grated cheese could be more tasty as well; must be cheddar.  Parmesan or romano would have been perfect.

Halfway through my plate I was already full.  There I was thinking I'd have a light snack. 

Wrong... People say that the best way to 'trick' your body into feeling full without accumulating all the fat is to eat more vege, just as Maggie would say in her latest ads. So I slowly downed every last bit of green, for health, fertility and beyond....!

After paying for my meal, I thought to myself, 'that wasn't bad at all.  I could use some salad once in a while.'  I walked out of the cafe as the last vegan of the hour, well almost, if it wasn't for the chicken and egg; doesn't matter which came first.

P/s:  I wonder if anyone dining at darabeef would make a pit stop at the salad bar to get their green shot prior to their meat agenda.


  1. i think i know the place.Never been there. same row as the Village Park nasi lemak right?

  2. Oooer must make my way there. Hope they really do their salads well.

  3. smallkuching, wrong. it's the same row with hong leong bank. get there and you might see me go 'ular' from office...

    Ant, oh you must. Must do us a favor and sample the food. Can't let good healthy stuff like salad go unnoticed. Once you've done that, kindly show and tell. But I don't have to tell you that.

  4. The place looks familiar but I can figure out the exact location! LOL!

  5. i never ordered salad alone, i just dont understand the concept hmmmm......

  6. Ooh! The salad looks nice and big portion is just good for me! Haha! I must try this salad bar. Thanks!!