Saturday, April 10, 2010

The simplest honest to goodness prawn spaghetti

Here's my all time favorite recipe, inspired by pizza hut's prawn spaghetti many years back.  It requires five basic ingredients namely spaghetti, prawns, broccoli and garlic and dried chili.  The essential part to remember is the deshelling of the prawns.  The head 'juice' or the brain blob of the prawn is the flavor foundation for this dish. That is why the prawns must be as fresh as possible, otherwise the juice would easily fall off the prawn during the peeling process.

Ok, nuff said. Let.s get to the pictures.

These are your major ingredients. Before you start to prepare them, boil water in a stock pot; they're for your spaghetti.  While the water is boiling, prepare the prawns, brocolli, dried chili and garlic. In the midst you'll have to throw in your spaghetti into the boiling water and continue with the ingredients preparation.

If you're cooking for one person, the whole process will be done simultaneously. And viola, you can start to saute the garlic and dried chili in extra virgin olive oil, or any of your favorite.  Bring the garlic to light brown and then add the brocolli.

Notice the quantity of my vege? I love them this much!
Stir fry the brocolli till they are soft, probably 5 minutes, and some juice seeps out to moisten the mix.  Add some salt, just enough for the vege.  Then throw in the al dente spaghetti, or whichever texture you wish.

Mix well and bring everything to uniform heat, just in case the spaghetti got cold for any reason. Add some salt for the spaghetti.

Finally throw in the prawns, quantity depends on how many you like and can take before it gives you a headache.  I recomend not more that 12 per person, coz that's a little risky for the heart, I guess.  Well, think of it as your prawn buffet. Stir fry and mix well for about 5 minutes or till the prawns are cooked.

That's it! Dig in! 
You can add some parmesan cheese, lime and coriander if you wish.  In fact, the vege can be any of your favorite, like snow peas or asparagus. They're mine actually. 

Oh, don't forget to scrape every ounce of the rich prawn paste in the pot.  That's where the magic really is.


  1. Nice, lots of veggie and prawns.....

  2. nice one..bila mauk blanja makan pok?

  3. hey Gus, that is what i like, more prawns and vege than spaghetti... :)

  4. Maybe u can add the vege later...I like the cauliflowers still look so GREEN...

  5. Wow! Looks so yummy I want to eat them now!!

  6. Agus.... I miss yr stir fry prawn spaghetti... I think our friendship start from your delicious and wonderful spag... I thought u told me it chinese style... love it.. yum yum! Lewis