Monday, April 26, 2010

Simply Salmon and AsparAgus

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Salmon is sweet, you can do it too.

Ok, that was lame, but thats how simple it is to enjoy a good slab of salmon at home.  The magic of fish, especially fresh ones, is that they don't need much to prepare.  Well, except for removing the insides and scaling of course.  And it depends on what kind of fish you're preparing.  Some have tiny bones that can really jam into your throat and sabotage your entire day, or two! 

On second thought, fish is not easy to prepare.  So I'll skip all the BS sentiments and say this, "go get a good slab of fresh salmon, a healthy portion of asparagus, some lime, and rush home.

Because a good meal is just 15 minutes away! No frills!

Clean the salmon.  Sprinkle some salt and black pepper, or white if you prefer. Break the asparagus into manageable pieces, say thumb length. Chop some garlic, as much as you prefer.

Get a non stick pan and heat some oil.  Non stick pans allow you to use as little oil as possible.  But if you love olive oil, go extra virgin, go wild! 

Grill the salmon on both sides.  To save time, saute the garlic at the same time.  As the garlic sweat and turns golden, throw in the asparagus.  Stir the asparagus with a chopstick at best, while taking care of the salmon, make sure all sides are cooked.  That includes the skin on the sides.   This requires a good set of thongs; just be careful not to scratch the pan, and try to look sexy with them thongs!  Remember the limes?  Some lime juice will give a tangy flavor to the mix as well.

When the salmon is cooked, take it out of the pan and put aside. Now you can have some fun while tossing the asparagus. Apart from getting evenly cooked, this will also mix the asparagus with the salmon flavor in the oil and lime juice all over the pan.  Sprinkle some water if you'l like your vege wet.  Don't forget some salt to taste.

After some fun your meal is cooked.  Pour the vege to the salmon side and dig in.  Have some mustard on the side just in case.  Some tomato ketchup could also do the trick.  Enjoy!

After the meal, you'll only have one pan to clean, one plate and a set of fork and spoon, and a pair of thongs.  You might want to clean the ones you're wearing as well.  But that's another story ain't it?


  1. whoa! you make cooking looks easy :)
    i wanna try, but for some reasons i have a bad feeling it won't taste good as yours.

  2. the 3rd photos look special, you take the photos yourself or ask somebody to take?

  3. smallkuching, yeap, easy. and I know cats love fish.

    faisal, you can always take it as an adventure, most rewarding when done with that special someone.

    ch voon, thanks. all photos by myself, even the pan toss pic. Almost lost half of the vege.