Monday, May 17, 2010

Lunch By the Salad Baristas

The whole office ended up having lunch at Salad Bar a few weeks back.  It was a lazy afternoon and there was not much to do but get lunch a few doors down.  As my boss was waiting for the accounts exec to gather her stuff, he shot me two words, "Gus, lunch?"

I was surprised by the gun-point invitation but appreciated the gesture no less. So I thought 'what the heck', hung whatever I was doing and swiftly tagged along.  The receptionist was on medical leave so there were just three of us, the whole office, out for lunch.

"What's good around here?" He asked.
"The Salad bar's pretty good. They have variety despite the name" the accounts exec suggested. I agreed and with less than a hundred steps, we were greeted by the salad baristas.

This mean looking plant was there to greet us as well. The 'mouth' is only the size of a 20 sen coin. The baristas were much friendlier.  And no, it's not on the menu.

My boss ordered the granny's caesar salad.  I told him it's good.  I especially love the toast on the side.  I also told him he'll feel like a goat trying to finish the whole bowl. He did; finish the whole bowl and felt like a goat. Beeeekkkk. 

The accounts exec had this tomato spaghetti.  Good sauce, tastefully presented.  Cute, I must add, apart from tasty and savory.  Funny, since there's no meat involved.  Must be the herbs.

I had prawn spaghetti.  Loved it.  The prawns may look scrawny but they pack quite a punch.  Have a piece with a mouthfull of spaghetti and let the flavors delight you as you swirl and munch the crustacean combo. Wished there were more shrimp though. Hubba bubba... gump!

This is honey mustard dressed salad, a mix of fruits and vege.  The honey mustard dressing couldn't be better.  It's as creamy as it looks, except that there's no cream! Sweet and tangy it goes down your tummy.  Crunchy yummy.

Sigh, somebody get me a napkin to wipe this drool!