Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kolo' Me at Pucuk Ubi

I went to Restoran Pucuk Ubi for lunch today.  Haven't seen my friends there for months.

Had a serving of Kolo' Mee and a glass of Teh C Peng.

The dry noodle was served with two big prawns and calamari strips.  The prawns were juicy and tasty, as was the noodle's light gravy. The calamari strips added to the seafood style.  There are also the beef and chicken style on the menu but I felt like an extraordinary person today, hence my choice.  

Note to self: I should feel extraordinary every day.

Definitely not the original style found in Sarawak, which has the mandatory minced pork and 'char siew' pork slices. But hey, this is a halal joint and the variety is undoubtedly a tasty option.

The three layer iced tea is always a refreshing delight i must say.