Monday, November 22, 2010

Kolo Mee @ Lake View Restaurant Puchong

There is a stall in Lake View Restaurant Puchong serving one of the most authentic Kuching style Kolo Mee. Here's the location if you just have to get there pronto.

View 3.043149, 101.617691 in a larger map

Meanwhile, if you don't mind viewing the pictures, scroll on down. Click on each picture to view larger image.

The restaurant overlooks the huge Puchong Lake.  Somehow it looks like a dam, with dead trees sticking out from the body of water.

Local folks enjoying their peaceful fishing time. 

Sunset to be awed while savoring dinner.

Standard presentation, extra large portion.  Ibanez's dinner. The operator is a school mate of Ibanez's wife.  He's a Kayan Kenyah mix.  The noodle is made here in KL by a Bidayuh Chinese who managed to master the art of curl in the noodle. Everything came into place only a few months back, this year. Look out for a Kolo mee noodle factory soon.

I ruffled my noodles before I remembered to take a picture. It's a mess.

Nice sunset.

First to arrive was yours truly, followed by Ibanez and family. Jimmy came next followed by James.   By that time Ibanez and I were done with dinner.

The usual suspects, Jimmy and James.  Kolo me hunters from

Johanes and family came after James was done with his dinner.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Laksa & Kolo Mee @ Kelana Jaya

Here's the map to get there.

View Laksa & Kolo Mee Kelana Jaya in a larger map

The kolo mee is not really the curly type. And it's rather wet. Some won't like it as much.

The laksa has char siew slices for the pork lovers.

Breakfast for champs, Tiger not necessary but it helps with the roar...

Guiness id good for you...

A group photo before we conclude the Saturday breakfast session.

Lunch with a long time friend, same place, different occasion.

Laksa Sarawak with the standard feature here, omelette and char siew slices.

The lady boss, also the worker, also the waiter, also the cook.  She works hard for the money.