Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Absolut Thai Birthday Treat by Boss

The boss treated me and two other colleagues for my birthday lunch today.  We had Thai food at Absolute Thai in Ikano Power Center. The food was nice albeit a slightly upscale price.
The Spicy Seafood Tom Yum came first.  I ordered the 2pax portion.  It was really spicy.  They added condensed milk to it, which, I think helped tone down the heat a little bit. I quite liked it, though I would prefer the clear broth version.  They also have chicken and beef variation.

What is thai food without the signature green curry chicken.  The taste of this one almost resembled the 'kurma' gravy. The chicken strips could be fresher and juicier; these were a tad dry.  I guess it's all in the way they cut the meat and how long they cook it.

Oh but let me tell you about the Thai style steamed sea bass or siakap. They removed the middle section bone, leaving only the meat, tail and head.  The gravy is loaded with chopped garlic and chili, dressed with coriander leaves and cooked in lime and fish sauce with some sugar to taste. There were four of us but we almost couldn't finish it.  The head was left untouched coz we were too full.

The fire died down just in time without overcooking the fish. That's nice ain't it?

This is the papaya salad.  Very similar to the mango salad in texture and dressing but it lacks the sourness. Some, like me, would prefer mango salad. Oh but the peanuts I always love.

Last came the butter cheese prawn.  We all thought it was an encounter of a different kind.  To me, it taste like one of the kuih raya; biskut nestum karamel.  The accounts exec thought it taste like pop corn, butter-scotchy sweet and salty.  It could use less salt and sugar, a lot less.

My boss went out of his way to get these, Tiramisu and a mini Blueberry Cheese Cake, either one from Dome and Starbucks; I cant remember which box they came out from. The cheese cake was nice, all three layers of it. The Tiramisu was rather dry...

"Happy birthday Agus" he said.

"Thank you" I told the boss. 

We were so full it hurts.