Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kung Fu Bakuteh Taman Connaught Cheras

I had a chance to try a new Bakuteh outlet in Taman Connaught for dinner today.  My Bakuteh meetup schedule with a friend who stays in the vicinity brought us to Kungfu Bakuteh, as shown in the map below. You're probably familiar with Kueh Teow Kung Fu; well, this is not cooked in the same style.

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The shop has a simple setting of bare concrete and classic style tables and chairs, echoing a typical Klang bakuteh outlet. It sports bright pendant lights with several kung fu themed ornaments and posters.  

Good, clear menu selection.

Conveniently packaged combos for the hungry diners.

Simple clean setting.  It helps keep the customer turnover at a rapid pace.

A meal for two.  Each bowl of meat costs RM11.  Good for one person.  The huge and hungry might beg to differ.  The vege costs RM8, good for up to 4 person.  Or just good for me.  Every table comes with a bowl of bakuteh broth, all fired up!  The broth is really rich in herbs and spices.  You'll appreciate the slight 'bitterness' aroma.  It lacks the emulsified lard which is a good thing. Some Klang bakuteh broths are a concoction of mainly lard emulsions thus giving the thick and starchy texture.  A loaded bowl of dissolved pork fat should be eaten with cardiovascular caution; coz it's delicious and deadly at the same time. Dead'licious!

Re-light my fire.

He's one happy diner.

The remaining broth accompanying our meat shows little oil spots. The oil drips came from the cuts of meat.

The other meat bowl.

This is the accompanying soup bowl.  Notice the small quantity of oil? Oh, and they refill our bowls with bakuteh broth without being told. Probably because there were only three tables of diners at that seventh hour. People started to come in by 8pm. Whatever it was, I liked the service, and the broth as well !

Even our vegetable plate has more oil.

Before I left, I took a picture of the shop facade.  The Halal logo is not part of the signboard.

It's for the Hailam Kopitiam next door.


  1. drool....hmmm...now more and more shop selling BKT in a bowl like these. Better biz for them maybe coz no if people want to add mushroom, vege, taupok will have to add $$