Friday, June 10, 2011

Aubrey's Kolo Mee, Hock Thai Restaurant SS2/103

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If you're ever at SS2 PJ or even in the vicinity like damansara utama, where I work, do drop by Aubrey's stall at Hock Thai Restaurant.

He serves authentic Kolo Mi for die hard fans as well as localized version for the non adventurous palate of Klang Valley residents.

I've been here several times and I must say Aubrey keeps his consistency.  I might not experience the same have I visited a few months back because he's gone through many trials and errors to be where he is now.

He now serves two variations of Kolo Mee, Kuching Authentic and Localized Kolo Mee. It is a result of mixed feedback from his Sarawakian customers and his Local peninsular customers. When you order a kolo mee at Aubrey's, make sure you tell him your preference.  If you're a Sarawakian, open up to a possibility of a localized kolo mee from Aubrey.  Don't keep your hopes high on the localized version staying in the menu though because he plans to slowly convert the locals to authentic kolo mee lovers.

I must admit, the locals don't really like authentic kolo mee because they think it looks too dull, contains too much lard (we say 'Oh Lardy!' to this) and there's no creativity. Ok, that last part, I just made it up.

But my point is this, there's a certain nostalgia and a sense of longing and belonging when it comes to Sarawakians and their kolo mee obsession.  You gotta have the whole package to really appreciate this springy, tasty and lardy noodle.  And don't forget the char siew!

Ok, back to my review, Aubrey's kolo mee uses the original springy and curly noodle, like a true kolo mee would.  It is manufactured locally and delivered daily. A day's supply lasts from 7am till 2pm.  You'll be lucky to catch it at 3pm though.  Now that's a thought for expansion eh Aubrey!  Also, the stalls at Hock Thai restaurant operates for breakfast through lunch.  At night, the restaurant's own kitchen takes over for dinner and supper.

I am impressed with the char siew he serves with the kolo mee.  While some places dish out dry and sometimes flaky char siew slices, Aubrey's char siew stays moist and juicy, in addition to real red char siew sauce.  Apart from the fried shallots and minced meat, there is another crunchy element in the package. But then again, it might just be the shallots.

While enjoying my kolo mee, I noticed that every bite that contains a piece of spring onion adds to the complexity of the savory flavor; yeah it's a mouthful. But it's a new experience in enjoying kolo mee for me.

While you wait for your opportunity to get there, here are pictures of Aubrey's Kolo Mee.


Moist and juicy char siew slices with fried shallots, spring onions and minced meat resting on a bowl of springy kolo mee noodles. Oodles of flavor to savor!

Aubrey mixing a localized kolo mee.  Drop by his facebook profile and check out more pictures of the menu here

Localized kolo mee, with a little bit of gravy and soy sauce.

Big portion in blue, small portion in off-white.

An unmistakable Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011 Promotional Banner, put up by Aubrey in support of Warisan Sarawak. Thanks Aubrey!