Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cornflakes are addictive!

These crispy flat buggers are addictive!

I have a bowl (always dry, without milk, flake by flake) in the morning only to find myself having another one as soon as I realize my mouth stopped munching!

During tea break I would make a bee line to the pantry and pour a bowl of crispy crunchy regular cornflakes. I always end up having another soon after I had nothing to munch.  

What is in these crunchy flakes that gets me popping one flake at a time in my mouth?

Is it the non-stop action that I get to do with my mouth? Is it the corn taste, albeit dry? Is it the vibe I get at every crunchy munch? 

It does shake my brain a little... from feeling sleepy...

What happens when I end up feeling full after trying to stay awake by munching them crunchies? 

Would I feel sleepy and get the urge to munch some more?

Urgh.... I hate how I suddenly love cornflakes! Gotta shake it off quick!