Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ulat sagu rangup, enak berkrim

Sago worm is the larvae of a bug species called rhynchophorus ferrugineus (read the complete wikipedia article).

According to wikipedia, the larvae can excavate holes in the trunk of palm trees up to a metre long, thereby weakening and eventually killing the host plant. As a result, the larvae is considered a major pest in palm plantations, including the coconut palmdate palm and oil palm. (and Sago palm in Sarawak)

Yesterday I saw a friend post pictures of the much sought after delicacy in Sarawak and that got me salivating for my dose of ulat sagu (sago worm) dish.

The only place which serve this commercially in KL is Restoran Pucuk Ubi.  So today I went there and ordered a pack of sago worms (10 pieces per pack, priced at RM10).  They cooked it with generous amount of Sarawak black pepper.  I also ordered a plate of mashed tapioca leaves as vege, a Bidayuh signature dish, because the midin belacan was not available today.

As you can see, the worm is almost thumb size. Thumbworm?

Click the photo to enlarge.

The texture is almost like deep fried soy tofu soaked in olive oil, the outer layer skin is quite chewy.    The head is dark brown in color, surprisingly crispy.  This blackhead I don't mind eating!  The taste of this particular dish was heavy with Sarawak black pepper.  The amount of coarsely ground black pepper somewhat overwhelmed the flavor of the worm.  Nevertheless, it is a different flavor and taste experience but I can't really describe the taste and aroma of the grub in this dish.  I would prefer my grubs to be cooked in garlic and oyster sauce.  I'll call for that on my next 'grubby 'visit.

Click the photo to enlarge. Yummy...!

The pounded tapioca leaves, stir fried with anchovies and lemongrass.  Pulp fiction...

Err... get me the manager! There's a fucking huge maggot in my rice!  But I'm loving it!

Head down to Pucuk Ubi for your grubs... They don't serve this at Bubba Gump.  This is Bubba Grubs!

Here is the location up Pucuk Ubi on Google map. 
 Address:  No. 2, Jalan Dana 2, Off Jalan Teratai, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, PJU 6, 47400 Petaling Jaya..

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